Coconut Oil!

Everyone is talking about it….

Are you a fan?

We are – for the following reasons: It is easy on your digestive system and does not produce an insulin spike. You can add it to coffee and tea, take a spoonful for a quick energy boost, take it alongside your vitamins to help the absorption. You can use it inside and out: it is good for your skin, hair, teeth – yes – try Oil Pulling every day and see how clean you teeth will feel and how much healthier you will feel, as it cleans up the bacteria lurking in the little pockets around the teeth. Just put a spoonful in your mouth first thing in the morning, rinse it around for about 10 minutes, then spit out (important to spit it out as it will have all that bacteria in it…), brush your teeth well and then have breakfast. Also important for teeth health is to avoid brushing for at least half an hour after eating, and brush last thing at night before sleeping.

We have more information on Coconut Oil from Doctor Mercola, click here to download. We also have coconut oil for sale in the Clinic shop, and also via our Wikaniko website:

Try it – you may like it!