June Tranmer

  • BA (Hons), Dip. Ac., M.BAc.C. P.G.C.E
  • Member of British Acupuncture Council
  • Director of The Healing Clinic CIC
  • Touch for Health Instructor
  • Mentor/Supervisor

Link to my website: www.junetranmer.co.uk


I qualified as Touch for Health instructor in 1987 (and have been teaching on a regular basis since then), as an acupuncturist in 1991 and as a paediatric acupuncturist in 1994. I opened the Healing Clinic in Fulford Cross in 1992 in order to provide a wide range of quality therapies to the public, as well as information and training. I initiated the change to a Community Interest Company, which was completed in 2007 when we moved to Museum Street. I look forward to more practitioners, directors, investors and volunteers joining us to help us better serve the community of York.

I am now a proud and enthusiastic member of Acupuncture in Childbirth Team Yorkshire. I have treated over 2,000 people over the past 20 years, and attended 13 births, and I really believe in continuing and conscious personal and professional development – none of us knows everything. I am really happy that ACT has come to Yorkshire to give us a strong support team for women in the area. At The Healing Clinic, Club Chambers, Museum Street, York you can consult Catherine Wright or myself for conception, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour, post-partum help and advice.  I have also treated babies and children for many years and am very happy to follow through from labour onwards, to maintain your children’s natural vitality and help them reach their potential.


I have several courses running throughout the year, see www.briarhouseresources.co.uk for more details of Kinesiology Introductions (for learninig self-help stress relief), more advanced self help with Touch for Health Levels 1-4, plus Proficiency Level, Acupressure for Children’s Ailments, Make your own Flower Essences, The Treatment of Children with Oriental Medicine (for professional acupuncturists only).


The combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology allows a wide range of problems to be treated with various approaches. A typical treatment would consist of a Traditional Chinese Medicine case-taking followed by muscle testing to determine where to start Treatment can be via massage, pressure or light touch through clothing as well as with acupuncture needles. I use sterilized, disposable needles.

With children, the needles (rarely necessary) are only briefly inserted and then removed, whereas with older people, longer time is needed to ensure the desired effect is achieved. Cupping, moxa, patent herbs, food supplements and Bach Flower Remedies are also prescribed when required. Cupping is an ancient technique from Europe as well as the Orient, which is useful in respiratory problems, menstrual problems and digestive problems. Moxibustion is the burning of dried compressed mugworth in various forms close to the location of pain due to stagnation of blood and energy.

I feel it is very important for people to feel in charge of their own health, and so will give patients information to take home and ‘homework’ which will help speed up the healing process. Some people feel much better after one or two visits. Others come weekly for a few weeks, then spread it out to monthly or every few months. Generally, more acute situations will require more frequent treatment over a shorter time period.  Illnesses of long duration may take longer to clear up. Although many people have felt better after treatment with my methods, if we together feel that it is not getting the expected results, I have no hesitation in recommending treatment with one of my colleagues.

A major part of my clinical practise since 1993 is the treatment of children. In 1996 I began running a class for parents and carers of children to help improve understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and the root causes of health imbalances. This is now called Acupressure for Children’s Ailments.

Another concern of mine is the health of people with HIV/AIDS and Cancer. I have worked closely with other service providers in the York area since 1995 and was involved in the development of a wide network of complementary therapists in this area.

I also organize talks to interested groups by the practitioners at the clinic, to inform and educate people in natural healthcare theory and practise, as well as the showing of films to The Friends of The Healing Clinic and Briar House.

Treatment Options

I offer an introductory consultation for those who are unsure which therapy will be best for them. Other senior practitioners in The Healing Clinic also offer this option, as they are the most familiar with all the therapies and have studied and worked in their own field for many years. These studies include a certain amount of knowledge about Western medicine, in particular the presentation of serious ailments and red flags (so we know when to refer to a doctor if we spot anything suspicious), and also a limited amount of knowledge about Western medication and the interactions and contraindications in a combined approach.

This session will usually last an hour or an hour and a half and will include a full case taking, with notes about all aspects of your life plus a short treatment (if appropriate) and a discussion about the various choices available at the Clinic.

The notes taken at this session will be passed on, with your permission, to the next practitioner to see you and thus provide you with a continuity of care, and reduce the need for explaining your health concerns a second time. Your notes and personal details will never be discussed without your permission and you always have the chance to see your notes and discuss what is written about your health.

Clinic Times


  • Tuesday : 8:30am onwards
  • Wednesday : 8:30am onwards
  • Sunday : 8:30am onwards




Ear Candles + Massage
Egyptian Healing (Sekhem)
Facial Revitalization Acupuncture
Facial Revitalization Massage
Food/Allergy Correcting (Inc. Children)
Flower Essences
Lymphatic Clearance Massage – Sepia Technique
Treatment Options Advice


Treatment Prices


Acupuncture :
First Appointment : £60 for 90mins
First Appointment : £50 for 60mins (£45 Concession)
First Appointment : £35 for 30mins (Inc. Children)
Follow-up Appointment : £50 for 60mins (£45 Concession)
Follow-up Appointment : £35 for 30mins (Inc. Children)

Ear Candles + Massage :
£45 for 60mins

Egyptian Healing (Sekhem) :
£50 for 60mins
£35 for 30mins

Facial Revitalization Acupuncture :
£120 for 120mins

Facial Revitalization Massage :
£50 for 60mins (£45 Concession)

Food/Allergy Correcting (Inc. Children) :
£60 for 90mins
£50 for 60mins (£45 Concession)

Flower Essences :
£5 per mixture (Free with full appointment)

Kinesiology :
£60 for 90mins
£50 for 60mins
£35 for 30mins

Lymphatic Clearance Massage – Sepia Technique :
£45 for 60mins
£30 for 30mins

Mentoring :
£45 (Individual or group) for 60mins

Treatment Options Advice :
First appointment : £50 with a treatment
Follow-up Appointment : Arrange with practitioner