Iain Keegan

  • VTCT3


I did an introductory course in massage and aromatherapy in 1990. I then survived the restructuring at British Sugar, where I was working as an Environmental Chemist, so subsequent practice was mostly on friends and colleagues until the factory finally closed.I did a Reiki 1 course in 2003, Reiki 2 in 2007 and I became a Reiki Master in May 2010 and a Siechem Master in 2013.

I did a VTCT course in Holistic Therapies.

In between I took up the Li Shi Arts – a mix of Daoist breathing exercises, partner work and Tai Ji. This has greatly increased my awareness of muscle tension and the movement of energy in myself and clients and has complemented my work as a therapist.

I have been teaching classes for 50+ since 2007.

For more information, please visit www.iainkeegantherapy.co.uk

Reiki classes

Iain runs classes in Reiki, leading to the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 attunements.

Comments from clients: 

“Very relaxing and invigorating.”

“Amazing! This is the only thing that works for me.”

“I feel very relaxed and destressed.”

“It was perfect!”

“It cleared my sinuses.”

“The pain in my right hip and leg had gone on waking the next day.”

Clinic Times


  • Thursday : 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Other times may be available by arrangement.




Deep Tissue Massage
Indian Head Massage
Lymphatic Clearance Massage – Sepia Technique
Reiki Attunements
Swedish Massage


Treatment Prices


Aromatherapy :
First Appointment : £45 for 75mins
Follow-up Appointment : £40 for 60mins.

Deep Tissue Massage :
£40 for 60mins.

Indian Head Massage :
£35 for 45mins.

Lymphatic Clearance Massage – Sepia Technique :
£45 for 60mins.
£30 for 30mins.

Reiki :
£45 for 60mins.
£30 for 30mins.
£10 for 15mins.

Reiki Attunements :
Please call or drop by the clinic for further information.

Swedish Massage :
£40 for 60mins.
£25 for 30mins.

Further Information

Combined treatments may be available, please call or drop by the clinic for further information.