Breathe 2025 by Kyla Honing

Breathe 2025 is a York campaign to inspire a smoke-free generation.
Support a new campaign to inspire children to grow up smoke free and protected from ill health caused by tobacco. It helps to realise that our actions as adults make a difference and an understanding that if a young person does not start smoking by age 26, they almost certainly never will.
207,000 children in the UK start smoking each year and with the results from a 50 year study showing that half to two thirds of all lifelong cigarette smokers will be eventually killed by their habit there is a high cost to personal health. It is estimated that a person smoking 20 cigarettes per day will spend on average £3000 per year, and York the City of York Council has estimated that smoking costs society approx £50.1 m annually.

The Breathe 2025 campaign is looking for pledges from people , either individuals or organisations, who can help to inspire a smoke free generation.
What will you pledge? My pledge is to offer reduced cost hypnotherapy to a number of people, who have children living at home, and want to genuinely stop for the benefit of themselves and their children.
Contact Kyla if you are one of those people.

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